First daffodils

My daughter’s first daffs in our garden in '92…

1992 (33).jpg


Had two in early Jan. Same two come up every year for the last 16 Winters long before the rest. This is in 81.

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Today is Officially the First Day of Spring… according to my dear friend Jeanne… she reckons that when we see the Brimstone Butterflies… that’s IT :wink::thinking::hugs:

and… we saw these lovely yellow-winged wonders darting about like jewels in the sunshine today… yippee… :hugs:

Hummingbird hawk moth in Leclerc yesterday. Perhaps it was following the Valentine Day flowers…

Just waking up to sunshine is enough to recharge my va va voom :sunglasses:
Saw a Hummingbird hawk moth for the first time last year, amazing.

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