First EDF Bill

Hello. I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place. We took possession of our house on 11th July. The agent we bought through arranged our electricity account for us. On the 18th July we had a visit from EDF. It took about two minutes. He looked at the meter - a reading had already been given a week earlier - and that was it. We have just received our first bill which has a charge of 50,74 plus tax for Prestations in addition to the charge for electricity. Is this normal? I can’t find anything on the EDF site which mentions a set up charge. Thanks in advance

Hi Patricia and welcome to the Forum…

Prestations probably refer to setting-up the Account/switching you ON… someone will chime in though…

I would not have thought you could use much electricity between 11th and 18th July… so check the electricity figures they quote…

I’ve just looked at EDF and found this explanation on their site:

Les prestations:
Retrouvez ici le montant des prestations des distributeurs Enedis(1) ou d’EDF:
Exemple : mise en service avec ou sans déplacement, pour l’électricité

Hi Stella. Thank you very much for that. It explains everything. Much appreciated.