First French Tax Return - Help Please


We moved to France last year and have only just realised that we need to do a tax return.

The only income we have is our interest earned on our accounts in Australia.

I have printed off Form 2047 and 2042.

France and Australia have a double taxation treaty. We have paid tax on some of our interest earned.

As it is hopefully a straightforward tax return, we would like to do it ourselves. The accountants fees that we have come across so far seem quite high.

What I would like to know is where we put in the interest income earned and where we put the amount already taxed. Also any other items that we need to note on the form (apart from name, address, etc).

Are there any other forms we need to submit? I believe that we need to provide all our bank details for Australia and a RIB for our French bank account.

I am also aware that we need to convert the Australian amount into the Euro amount at the time of earning.

I think that income on interest is now part of your normal income?? Also, I read somewhere that if you are new to France ie within the last 3 years that there is a deduction limit (check box 6QW).

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Jo

No need to panic… if you only arrived last year, the authorities will not be throwing you into prison just yet… :wink:

I notice that you first raised this question in 2014… and I’m not sure what has changed since then… so why not speak with folk at your local Tax Office… they will be delighted to help you. :grinning:

Hi Stella - just don’t want to pay any fines either for handing it it late. We never had to fill in the forms in 2014 - we just wanted to know where we stood financially back then to see if it was feasible for us to move to France.

Will see if I can get in to see them :smile:

You should be OK… if you have not been here for the full year of 2016… they will understand…:relaxed:

Hi Jo - Like you - not knowing all the french tax rules & implication, I have engaged an English speaking French Tax agent. He is a switched on fellow and replies immediately and his charges are very reasonable compared with Australian Accountant’s. I have attached his link, in case you may require his service or at least ask him any questions. - his contact number is +33 6 41 02 65 56 & his name is Solenne. Tell him I referred him to you & he will look after you. cheers Peter

Of course, Survive France has its own contacts for Tax Advisors and Specialists in many, many different fields…

Who give their advice for FREE… yippee :grinning:

I’m sure @James will post the link for anyone who needs help/advice (as I can’t see clearly this morning)

Hi Stella – how are you shitty weather – I am going back to Australia

I was given Graham Keysells contact some time ago as a tax adviser but he informed me that that is not his field, so I started to search around and found this Solenne Santoni chap, - did not know that James was available as a tax adviser – will check what his charges are just to compare – any way just thought I’d help out.


Hi Peter… James Higginson is co-founder of the SF Network… and he can provide the links to all the SF approved Experts… (I’m having difficulty with my computer this morning… )

Are you going back to Australia long=term… or just to catch up on some sunshine?

Hi Stella – yes I knew that he is the co-founder hence I did not bother him but was given the name of Fabien & Graham – never mind Solenne is good & affordable.

Yes & No - our situation is as follows:- We are here for our usual Swiss/French holiday. Firstly when we fly in to Zurich we stay at my Swiss Chalet for a month to do some maintenance etc - then we drive down to stay at out Villa in Sillans a Cascade for about 3 months as my wife is just crazy about France & her garden here – the balance of the year I/we go back to Australia to work and earn some money :blush:

The weather in perth is usually very sunny and can get just as or hotter that here in the south of France – so we enjoy that and it is a relaxing time. Eventually we both want to spend 3 months in AU 3 in CH & balance in FR. Especially as we get older ( I am turning 70 in Jan next year) and our health care system in AU is pretty good.

How about you now that I have told you all our secrets ?



Ha ha… my life is an open book… :relaxed:

Full-time in France with beloved OH… we are both retired, but involved in almost every sort of French voluntary activity … to support our Commune and beyond… and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves… :upside_down_face::relaxed:

Some of the pages are no longer legible – that’s convenient :blush:

Have a nice week end


Hi Everyone… @Brian_Furzer is our SF “resident” Tax Expert… :sunglasses: