First jabs for baby in France...anyone have any idea how much they cost?

Hi there....

this is my first post on here, so hope one of you may be able to help me.

Myself and family are moving to France (Vendee) on the 6 July weekend...coming round really quickly! ... however about three weeks before that we are due our third baby (dont do things by halves!)...

question is - we won't be on the french medical system at the time of the move, maybe just have the temporary cover (hopefully all being well) that we can get from the department of work and pensions in the UK but unsure if it covers babies first jabs.

We really don't mind paying if we have to, as unsure if even the temp cover will cover this...

question is does anyone have any clue as to how much these jabs cost? First lot is at a month old, then two and lot is at a year old which would be sorted by then anyways.

Hope someone out there may be able to help me.

Thanks so much.


No problem, Lyndsay. If I can help in any way, don't hesitate to ask. As a starter, check out all the groups - you will find them listed on the left side of the main page. Go to "Groups" and below the 5 "featured" groups, you will see a link that says "view all". Browse through and join any that interest you.

I suggested Franglais Kids re your initial question, because I'm pretty sure there are some new parents in there, who may have gone through the "jabs" procedure already. Can't help as my youngest is now 25!

Best of luck. Sheila

ooh thank you i will do...don't really know my way round this site!


Hi Lyndsay

You could also try posting a question in the Franglais Kids group.

Kind regards