First job in France

Hello everybody.
I have started a new job in France in a hotel. This is my first job here.
I keep having doubts about my skills and the nerves keep returning.
I was just wondering has anyone else felt the same ?. If so how did you overcome this hurdle.
Thank you

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Do your best, ask questions, listen to the answers, learn… don’t make the same mistake twice, just get on with it and see any difficulties and challenges as learning experiences :slight_smile: plenty of other people probably do/have done the same job as you, there is no reason you should be any stupider or worse at it than they are. Everyone has to start somewhere :slight_smile:

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What a great accomplishment on your part! Pat yourself on the back and be assured, in a couple of months you will have forgotten your nerves, made friends, feel part of a team and enjoy learning and growing into your new role.

Please keep us informed of your progress if you find time, and thanks for putting your thoughts and your request for help out here, it’s an inspiration. Keep smiling’

Bon courage!

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Hi Joanne
As Peter says you should be proud of yourself to have got this far already. I spent 10 years working in a local holiday village and remember well how difficult the first year was but can assure you it will get easier. Just listen to what you’re told, ask questions if you’re not sure even if your questions seem daft or too simple. And over time your knowledge will improve and your confidence will grow. I had the same thing again this year when I took on a new role as cashier and general assistant in our local Leclerc hypermarket. But so far so good. And it’s a great way to improve your French. Good Luck!

Good luck. I imagine your French is good.

Hi Joan. Do not forget that you got the job because they think that you can do it. That should give you some confidence. You are going to be great and, as every day, passes, you’ll get more and more confident. If by chance something goes awry, just talk to management about it and they’ll help you to ensure that things go well from then on. No-one will expect you to be perfect from the outset, they will expect you to seek help. Hey, what can go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Congratulations on your new job and have a great 2017.

As Marc said, you wouldn’t have got the job if they didn’t think you were good enough. I know how you felt, standing in front of 30+ students at a French university trying to teach them English all the time I thought, ‘they’ll find me out, they’ll discover I don’t know what I’m doing’. The students didn’t because I did know despite my own self-doubt and ultimately that’s how I sorted it. It was my problem, in my head. Just kept telling myself I was here because I was good enough, It has gone now. I was also there because they couldn’t find enough native-English speakers qualified to teach English but I didn’t tell myself that! Believe in yourself, you can do it.

Hi Joanne

Congratulations on getting your job. You must have impressed your employers… to get the job. So, remember that fact any time you feel nervous… then take a deep breath and carry on…

How long have you been here in France?


If in doubt, ask for help or guidance or perhaps do it anyway just to be sure. That shows you are motivated to do a good job and assertive about it. Eventually, people will be asking you for help.

Well done. Good Luck.

Thank you thank you to everyone for the replies.
It has given me more confidence to know that I was not alone.
Had a house in France for 12 years. But now permanent. All my French lessons are starting to pay off.
Happy Christmas and have a brilliant new year
Thank you all once again


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.
A little update I finish work at the hotel end of the week. As I found out after starting that it was only to cover the Christmas and New Year holiday.
It has given me more confidence in my French especially speaking.
It has been a interesting experience. And has opened my eyes into the French workplace.
Now I will start looking again. I have few interviews lined up. So hopefully I will get something soon.
One thing is I am not giving up.
Thank you all