First Royalty Cheque Arrived!

Quite chuffed - first royalty cheque received for my two collections which are now available on Amazon EVEN WHEN TONIGHT IS OVER (a collection of short inpirational stories) and THE HAIR OF THE HOUND (a collection of songs). A third collection will be avalaible shortly.

Also had a request for hard back copies - if anyone knows of a good reputable firm/website that could manage this would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks

Exciting for you.


I have had lots of them with publications since the 1980s BUT I bet the sum total of all of mine will not add up to one of yours. I WISH I could write fiction, serious stuff don't pay!

Thank you! Cider ? :)

Thanks Steve - the royalty was for previous editions in the USA and UK through independant on line and also via an old publisher. Am now looking for new print editions. I thiunk Amzon pay monthly depending on sales, something like must be over 10€ or its held over for a month. Hope it all works out for you too.

Great news Mark

I am still slowly clocking up the sales to get my first cheque. I notice that you books were released on the 5th Jan.

Do they pay that quick or is that from a previous editions in print.


Congratulations Mark. Long may the royalties continue.

Well done Mark - that is fantastic. Whoop whoop!

Congratulations Mark - that's brilliant! You must be over the moon. Well done, and get the cider out.

Congratulations Mark!!!