Fisc can now use AI to find dodgy residents and underpaid income

I’m trying to find an official source but looks like some people may get nasty shocks in the future…

Traquer les fraudeurs sur les réseaux sociaux

Le fisc veut également utiliser ces outils pour fouiller dans les informations publiques postées sur les réseaux sociaux. Par exemple, si un fraudeur déclare résider à l’étranger mais poste des photos de lui en France un peu trop fréquemment, l’algorithme pourrait en informer les agents de Bercy. (Wonder about the other way round? …Brits who say they’re resident when they’re not…)

De la même manière, si un utilisateur vend trop d’affaires sur Leboncoin ou met trop souvent son appartement en location sur Airbnb alors qu’il ne déclare aucun revenu, l’algorithme pourrait le détecter. Il n’a ensuite plus qu’à prévenir les agents de Bercy qui demeurent présents pour vérifier.


I saw AI and read AngloInfo! :grinning:

I think the Vide Grenier happenings used to be monitored as well… to ensure that no-one was making a living but not declaring…

If folks follow the rules and declare their income they will not have need to worry :slight_smile:


Better than artificial insemination.

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I felt I’d been inseminated by the taxman, when I closed my business.
Artificially, or otherwise, it was painful enough.


That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.

Many years ago Lancaster was a tax office which suffered from a new aggressive approach from the Inland Revenue.
My mother ran a guest house and was accused of owing taxes which she did not.
Two years later she retired and they owed her £1,000, a not inconsiderable sum in the 70’s.