Fiscal for my car

Thanks, it has not been on the road since the temporary carte gris finished. It won’t be back on the road until everything is cleared up.

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If you’re happy with the situation then fair enough. Good luck!

Martin, If you residence is UK, how are you coming and going one month in France and two in the UK ? Do you have a CdS or visa ? Also, it was my understanding that if you are not resident in France, you cannot register a vehicle and obtain a Carte Grise.

I have Irish passport, I can live in both Uk and Europe. Can not spend more than 180 days outside Uk and of the 180 days, I can work a max of 60 days outside Uk. Registering the car should not be an issue, but if that’s a new hurdle, then car goes to breakers as I have had enough :joy:

Lucky man having an Irish passport - makes it a lot easier to come and go.
I assume that you consider yourself a resident of the UK, that makes you (technically) non French resident. You have a French address but whether you choose to go down the road of applying for a Carte Grise knowing that in fact you are not @really@ French resident is up to you.
Please double check your current situation with a UK plate car, insured by a French insurer as eventually as _Brian points out further up, you could face a whole lot of serious trouble.

Thanks to you all, I think I hoped somebody would 100% guarantee it was no problem. I keep checking. Have a great weekend

If you do decide to get rid of the car, what will you have as transport in France???

Hi Stella, will find something. The town I live has a good bus service and all the shops. Yesterday I spent the day in the mountains at cauteret. Went there early morning by by bus. A private bus service as normal bus was on holiday. But normal bus is very good and always on time. I think I and maybe loads of people can live without a car but saying that it’s nice to have one. I have a car in the Uk and covered 2,600 miles in the year :joy:

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I know folk who are happy with electric bicycles, around here… means they use the car less and less and get exercise and fresh air…

It’s good to hear, normal pedal bike does me as around here is quite flat. Go to the mountains from time. I hope to be soon able to do without the car.

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