Fishing in Vienne

We are shortly moving to the Civray area and my husband is keen to establish interest in coarse fishing and match fishing. Also, where are the fishing tackle and bait supply shops?

Many Thanks


That's an interesting job description to have on a CV, maggot riddler!

The difficult thing in France is that they only sell maggots in little tubs containing a couple of dozen or so, so you can’t afford to chuck any in as groundbait.
When I was a kid in the 60’s, my Saturday job was ten hours in the cellar of a fishing shop in Leeds, riddling maggots. They would arrive in a refrigerated van, in some of those old loose biscuit tins. They were sold in pints, and I had to riddle up to a 100 gallons and put them into fresh sawdust as they sweated and gave off ammonia. All that for a quid(plus 2 trouser pockets full of maggots for when I went fishing on Sundsy!

Thanks Bruce

Nick will contact Bernard shortly,



Thanks Colin

We will take a look around Gamme Vert and ask for maggots at our local newsagents! I would never had thought about asking there but obviously you never know what you might find if you don't ask!


Gamme Vert do a good range of Coarse & Sea fishing tackle and I can buy worms and maggots at a local newsagent who has a fridge in a back room!!


There is an expat fishing club based in Charroux. Try