Fleas, ticks and worms

This spring has been an absolute 'killer' for fleas, ticks and worms. We already know that Frontline is not great for dogs (or any other animals) and have tried Advantix and other pharmaceuticals for the fleas and ticks, none of them worked a couple of years ago when we tried everything in desperation. We have also tried all manner of natural cures and controls including diatomaceous earth which has dealt with the fleas for now but not the ticks. We prefer natural cures but so far we are losing the battle, the health store has no suggestions left and our vet admits he is outfoxed this year although he is making a small fortune selling the usual stuff.

The same goes for worms this year. We have tried everything short of a shotgun up their rear ends (joke, joke!!) to no avail. Neighbours, being mainly farming people, don't give a hoot and with an abundance of wildlife we are somewhat challenged anyway. We paid through the nose for some Strongid, then bought Nemex at the pharmacy as well after all the natural remedies like grapefruit pips, herbal infusions all failed. Little roundworms of course, but getting worse rather than better.

We are at our wit's end looking for remedies but know that plenty of people we know have the same problem at present and would wish to be helping them out as well. Any ideas?

We were recommended by Phoenix to try Confirtis. You can watch the fleas falling off! We have been lucky and don't usually get fleas. SO many ticks here and all through the winter this year. Just use whichever 'cure' is to hand and then spend ages taking the horrible things off - not sure how people with large woolly dogs manage. Our baby - of 4 - had a bad bout of worms recently; no sign of more yet but it's early days and he keeps eating the lawn which is where a lot of them come from, apparently!

As anyone tried Comfortise tablets for fleas? We find that they very effective, so far. Scalibor collars are fine for ticks and Sand flies.For worms we use Millibax.

With twelve dogs we, mostly in kennels, but with four in the house on a three week rota, we find that fleas are the worst problem. However, this year we have had little problem; even the puppies have had only the odd flea.

Thanks John. I used our last two Drontal on them two weeks ago and no progress, well perhaps a lull about a week ago when I saw nothing during collection time. Incidentally, I buy them from a Bayer source in Germany for roughly the same price for six for large dogs as two from our vet, and in between at the pharmacy. The price variances are scary.

We haven't experience anything out of the usual so far using Advantix on our 4 and Drontal Plus for the worming every couple of months the Drontal comes from the UK friend of ours shows at Crufts and gets them from the show sends them over for the majority of the Brits here, their dogs that is not the Brits personal use

I too use the tick tool or finger nails for ticks in general, but the numbers for our cats and dogs sometimes win this year...

Wish I did Brian. 2 of our cats have severe reactions to Frontline, so I revert to Stronghold(which seems very efficient for the fleas and worms and is what we generally use in Chats du Quercy cat rescue centre) and checking them for ticks every night then using the tick tool, just pick them off.