Flex your design skills for SFN!


I'm going to order some SFN stickers that I can send to use in a guerrilla marketing campaign.

If you would like to submit your designs here I would me most grateful, sorry but I can't pay you!

All you need to do is upload them here adhering to the following guidelines (from moo.com);

Recommended file formats:JPEG for photography

Vector-based PDF for graphic design and line art

Recommended size: 283 x 283 pixels (300dpi)

Minimum accepted size: 138 x 138 pixels (96dpi)

(Note: we also accept high resolution GIFs and PNGs)

You can upload as many as you like as I can select up to ninety different ones for each print run.

Be creative and enjoy!



You can download templates from moo here to help with the layout if you like, not necessary though (DO NOT USE THIS LINK TO UPLOAD YOUR DESIGNS!)

Once on the page click on 'more info' in the panel on the right to get to the templates.

Yes Neil, call to action, join us!

Is the message, like, 'join SFN' ?