Flights for unaccompanied minors

Does anyone have any recommendations for airlines that will take unaccompanied children between France and the UK - aged 6 and 8.


hi Tracy,

With BA it is possible from the age of 5 and for Air France it is from the age of 5 for international flights (or from age 4 for within France). There is a fee around €50 plus the cost of the flight. We use the Brussels Airlines service for my 5 year old several times a year and it's really good. In fact he's disappointed when I fly with him these days. I have enquired with BA before and was reassured, we might be trying it in the summer. He's taking the train with the sncf Junior Cie & co service tomorrow for the first time so we'll see how that goes. BA are pretty good on customer care, I would definitely try it, your kids might see it as a big adventure flying on their own.

Yes, I have friends that use it and say it's great but I need to get them all the way to the UK. I usually take them but by the time I've taken them and come home, then gone back to collect them, it's not particularly cheap and hardly worth it for a week as that is all you get if they are with their grandparents for 2 weeks.

dont know about planes but a friend of mine says she uses the sncf jvs scheme between here and Paris during the school holidays for Euro35 a child and says it's very good...