Flogging Off the Family Silver?

On September 1, the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, announced the state’s willingness to privatize the company FDJ “French Games” by the end of the year.

You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to buy FDJ shares.

To participate in this privatization *, you will need to
an ordinary securities account (CTO) or
an Equity Savings Plan (PEA)
from your bank.

Do not wait to open one!
Contact your advisor now who will accompany you on the solution the most adapted to your needs.

Personally I’m not a gambler but would have thought FDJ to have been quite lucrative for the French Govt given that most FDJ’s round here are bursting at the seams with punters armed with short pencils glued to the TV screens all times of the day!
I guess any profit on your holdings will be subject to tax and or CSG?
Is it worth a punt?

Hi Graham,
As I have always understood it, lottery wins and the like is classed as unearned income so not taxable but, it is liable to CRDS at 5%.
I suppose earnings from shares are taxable as it is earned income ?

Since when was unearned income not taxable???
Unearned income usually means any income not earned from employment or running a business, so rental income, investment income, interest on savings, lottery wins etc. There are interest free schemes such as loto winnings and livret A but they are the exception not the rule, outside those schemes unearned income is normally taxable.

Anna, in France lottery winnings aren’t taxable IMO but any earnings from any subsequent monies invested ie Assurance Vie etc are taxable.
CRDS isn’t a revenue tax as such but a scheme brought in twenty odd years ago to help pay the national debt.

Yes but my point was, the reason lottery wins aren’t income-taxable is because they are subject to special arrangements. Not because they are unearned income. Unearned income in general is income-taxable unless it falls into a specific tax-exempt category.
I tend to assume that most unearned or foreign earned income, ie on which no French social security contributions have already been levied, will result in a bill for cgs-crds. But again, I know there are a few specific exceptions.

Quite agree.

"## Vos gains ne sont pas imposables, par contre…

Tordons le cou à une vieille rumeur : ce ne sont pas vos gains issus des jeux de hasard qui sont imposés à l’impôt sur le revenu car ils ne sont pas considérés comme des revenus en tant que tels. Vous n’avez pas travaillé pour obtenir ces gains, ce ne sont donc pas des « revenus ».

Mais il ne faut pas non plus penser que ces gains sont exonérés de tout impôt. Si vous placez ces gains, ces placements seront taxables au titres des investissements réalisés, et ces placements ont tous une fiscalité propre."