Flood Prevention - what can be done?

After the ghastly happenings… I do hope that things will be put in place to ensure the water has somewhere to go… other than into the streets etc…

Planting trees on slopes to slow run-off into rivers is very effective. It stop/slows soil erosion as well which helps prevent rivers silting up so much, an important factor in their being more likely to flood during periods of heavy rain.


And less concrete and paved pedestrian areas.

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Not building in zones inondables might help !


It is quite ridiculous to see buildings/dwelling going up on areas that have flooded in the past… I know in UK, where this has happened… it seems that the Planning folk have short memories… OK maybe a spot has not flooded in 10 years… but flood plains are there (and so-called) for a good reason…

Leave Occitanie, let’s go to the Vosges and Alsace

Quite agree Jane… since Amenagement… much is for the best… but none of the rain water goes down any of the old gullies into gardens and fields… it is all wafted away into the river in the valley… then we have a problem with the river getting “too high”… :roll_eyes:

Allowing a proportion of the rainwater to feed into local agriculture… would ease the river problem and aid the local crops (and the fruit and veggie plots)… :relaxed: