Flu Vaccination

I am astonished to find that here in France both nurses and doctors are against pharmacies being able to give flu’ jabs.
I thought that the whole idea was to vaccinate as many of the vulnerable population as possible, but the 'regular’
medical staff seem keener on protecting their jobs than the health of France.
Similarly in UK Doctors and nurses are refusing to help in getting payments for medical attention given to non UK patients, even though they are shouting for more money.
I think that the whole lot of them should be thoroughly ashamed.

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I don’t think it should be down to the doctors and nurses to get payments from those that have to pay for treatment in the UK. Surely at the first port of call, namely reception, details of the patient (including whether they have medical insurance or an EHIC) should be taken by a receptionist and all form filling and payments sorted here. Even when I went into hospital as an emergency my Carte Vitale and Mutuelle were checked before treatment by the person on reception. I think the doctors and nurses in the UK have enough to do without extra form-filling.

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That would be the best outcome, but in Munich when I had to make an unplanned visit to hospital, I was given a form to fill in to make sure that I was not a health tourist, and that was from the doctor.
If you have an EHIC card, you should be ok.

It’s impossible to compare the health services of France, Britain and Germany lightly, they are all so different. The NHS is not geared up to checking patients rights or collecting fees, France is. The German system integrates private care to a level that even Mrs Thatcher could only dream of. Even EHIC cards may not be the saviour, I needed to take someone to the hospital in Arnhem in Holland recently and they looked blankly at his EHIC card and asked what it was.