Fluffy Roast Potatoes for Christmas

I watched on TV Jamie Oliver prepare beautiful, fluffy, crispy roast potatoes for Christmas Day and wept! Does anyone have any suggestions for a French supermarket potato that approaches anything like Maris Piper, King Ted or Rooster and is not one of those wretched yellow waxy things? We have Leclerc, Intermarche, Lidl, Leaderprice (or whatever it’s called these days) Casino, Carrefour and Aldi within easy reach, Auchan is further, but I’ll go there if necessary.
Any suggestions anyone please? (And please don’t say grow your own - I’ve only a week and a bit to go!)

yep, roosters or maris piper from “Mouse to House” There is no equivalent in the french supermarkets as the strain isnt grown in France. Another suggestion is get yourself some and grow them in bags yourself next year like i do. a years supply without a garden veggie patch.

have just found a variety recommended for ‘pommes frites’ - Caesar. purchased at Leclerc.
In Scotland we would use Maris Piper for fries and roast potatoes, but this french variety could well provide ‘fluffy’ roast potatoes. Have not made fries yet, but last bag of potatoes bought for ‘pommes frites’ and ‘pommes au four’ worked well.
Par boiled, shook about in the sieve and then roasted in goose fat - works everytime… unless you are a vegetarian.

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We use Agata, not as good but you can get them quite crispy. Quickly par boil first.


Thanks Bettina, I saw Caesar potatoes in Leclerc today and wondered if a frite/four potato might work. I’ll do a trial some time this week and report back - we’ve got guests coming, so I’d like to get it right for them if poss.

Thanks for the suggestion. We found some caesar potatoes at Lidl, and they worked fine! Nothing like a festive meal with good roast potatoes.

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My other half found Mona Lisa potatoes in the market - cheapest there. :grinning: They behaved beautifully - began to break up on par boiling and then even more when shaken well in hot duck fat. They roasted perfectly.

We have been using Agata also - they seem to work well.