Flushots, anyone? (also Tetanus)?


(Véronique Langlands) #61

My flu jab is a freebie from my mutuelle because of my job.

(Paul Flinders) #62

Fair enough but he is at more risk from complications of Flu (well, would have been he’s had his jab now :slight_smile: ) and, in the UK would be eligible for a free vaccination - in fact as Mandy points out the MT seems to have put it in the relevant section.

(Paul Flinders) #63

Mine as well but not from a mutuelle, obviously :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #64

Sadly, not everything the Doctor recommends… is taken on board “higher up”…
Most, yes, but not all…

(stella wood) #65

@Huffy are you game to have a quiet word at your Pharmacy and let us know the outcome… (no indepth details )… ??

(Andrew Hough) #66

Thanks Stella. I was given the jab in the UK, as I was considered at risk.

That’s why I went to the DR for a script.

I don’t mind the 12€, it is the system I find a little confusing, what I am entitled to and what I am not.

Thanks again for your help and good advice (as usual)


Andrew Hough

(Andrew Hough) #67

That’s something I thought, as we are relatively new. I will try and give them a shout and see. It’s not about the 12€ I want to make sure that I am properly in the system.

Thanks Mandy

(Andrew Hough) #68

Yep, I am Stella. Back home Friday and straight around to the Pharmacy.

Funnily enough the staff member seemed perplexed, and may have been new.
I am also registered on the new medical record sharing system DMP. That was done by the pharmacy (a different person though, a couple of months ago.

(Mandy Davies) #69

It’s worth the phone call just to make sure your records are correct.

I hope you get it sorted out.

All the best x

(stella wood) #70

It often is confusing… I have to have regular checks (every 1 or 2 years) which my Doc gives me a Prescription for…

The first one was taken on board by Health and Mutuelle… so I paid nothing… and the second… but the third time I had to pay in full… the fourth time I could not get an appointment locally, so went further afield.

At that medical centre, the receptionist explained that I would probably have to pay… yep, no problem… but the person who was doing the check-up questioned me carefully and put me down as “this lady is entitled to the works for free”.

Since then, I go back to that particular centre and go through the whole rigmarole about possibly paying…:thinking:. but always ending up as a freebie-lady…:wink:

(Jane Jones) #71

My medicin traitant, my specialist and I have been tearing our hair out about the flu jab for the last few years. I have an ALD, am immune compromised, and a long history of serious lung diseases. But I am under 65, after which flu shots are free.

When I first arrived here I just bought it as I always forget to ask the doctor at right time of year. Last year my MT and specialist both gave me ALD prescriptions, but the pharmacy refused to honour either as not an official voucher from the social security. This year my MT wrote a letter in advance, and it was still rejected as apparently my specialist has to write. I asked her when I last saw her, and she said she has been though this with other patients, and often gets nowhere. She is horrifically busy, and I feel bad asking her to find the time to write a letter so I said I would pay for it this year, and perhaps she could write at the beginning of next year.

The cost of the jab depends whether you have the 3 strain or 4 strain version. I can’t remember whether mine was 6 or 12 euros now. And I didn’t bother getting nurse to do it as it’s so easy to do it myself.

So flu jabs can be a bit of a mine field!