Fonciere Tax

Can anyone please clarify what the actual fonciere tax covers , we have owned our property in the Lot region now for over 8 years and the fonciere tax has risen every year but the demand this time I feel is excessive , last year we paid Euros 645 the demand this year is for Euros 1721 , we have two properties on an area of 3000 square metres and nothing has changed on the site since we moved here , as I understand it the tax is purely a land tax , we originally lived in the farmhouse on the site but we also refurbished a large barn which we moved into about three years ago , the habitation tax trebled on this which we expected but I am at a loss as the why the fonciere tax has increased by 300% any advice will be greatly appreciated , Many thanks Mike

Its based on the rentable value of the land/property and a quotient set by the mairie for propsed works etc in the area. Its basically the equivalent of some of your council tax in the UK. Add on the taxe d’habitation which is based on residency and they should equate.

In our dept. after you renovate or change use of a building,you get 3 years exemption on fonciere once you've notified them the work is complete. After that period you're charged according to your new rateable value, how they arrive at the figure is a mystery to me, (and most likely to them too!). Maybe this is what has happened in your case Michael?

I pay taxe fonciere on 2 properties in 69 and 1 in 71, none have increased this year.

This might help.

Some communes have seen massive and unfair rises simply because the area has become attractive from a desired area point of view. Farmers on Oleron and Re for example who have tonnes of land whose value has rocketed and therefore so have the taxes. Quite unfair really unless they capitalise it.

Taxe foncière is land and buildings and based on a theoretical rental value. It's been going up constantly as central government dishes out less and less, communes have to find their funds elsewhere...! The latest rise does seem excessive - has the property been re-valued, that happened to me and the rise was steep.