Fonds de solidarité - July Form

Hello, has anyone been claiming the Solidarity Fund?
The Impots/Gouv website shows info that this will be available until December.
We’ve claimed the last 3 months - but it’s showing the June Form is “not currently available - coming soon”
Wondered if anyone had any info regarding when, and why it’s now quite late compared with the last 3 months
x thanks, Teresa

oh, and just for anyone who CAN claim but hasn’t you’ve got until 31 July to do it - it’s easy, happy to help to you through the steps, get cracking!

Is it 1500 max per month
up to when Aug or sept

This site gives more info -’emploi%20en%20vidéo

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Thanks Timothy - i know how to do it, and why and what are the parameters etc.
My orig question is
“when will the june form be available - does anyone know” ?

yes it is max 1500
no - it will be available for some sectors until December
thanks B

I know this is available to loads of people (I’m probably not one as I’ve just started to claim some private pension), but unless you are truly desperate it just seems to me, as a very grateful immigrant, a little bit wrong.

Crikey - ask a simple question, get a moral ticking off…
thanks for the info Mark - but if you’re a pensioner you’re obviously not trying to work
so i guess it doesn’t apply to you and you wouldn’t know anything about it

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Nothing to do with being a pensioner Teresa.

The virus has invaded our well being and threatened our economy and any help available in order to get by can be accepted gracefully.
We decided not to take clients in to holiday this year as I feared the worst. We decided in March.
So no income for us this year but we still have to very large bills to pay in taxes and insurances etc plus we do not live on bread and cheese.On top of this I have just spent a couple of months in hospital fighting for my life.
I have to pay a cleaner 20 euros per hr and she pays her own tax.

So Mark why should I not t ake what is on offer.
I have a really good agent for reservations so I hope that next year will be fine…last year was really good but maintenance east into the profit.

As a fellow immigrant I understand the sentiment Mark but don’t feel at all guilty in accepting the grant, we have to pay the same charges and follow the same rules as everyone else so why shouldn’t we have the same benefit when the unexpected happens? The money we have been given has provided a cushion going forward, no one knows when this crisis will be over and it could well affect our business next year as well.

Well is it a cushion
1500 euros really does not go far not as far as my tax hab
Next year well who knows

No, not a pensioner and still working.

we’ll Mark I am a pensioner and need to work and want to work

PS do you still have your gites

Yes, we re-opened last weekend. Just getting ready for the first “covid safe” changeover tomorrow :thinking:.

not too sure how safe we can be currently
I declined the reservations in March.
Funny how morals get confused