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Hey peeps.

Finally got into the online website this afternoon and started the process of claiming that we have had zero income for September and October. Then I hit a snag.

Can someone please explain to me, in English, what this actually means:

“Je certifie que durant la période comprise entre le 15 mars 2020 et le 15 mai 2020 par rapport à la même période de l’année précédente ou, si souhaité, par rapport au chiffre d’affaires mensuel moyen de l’année 2019 ramené sur deux mois ou, pour les entreprises créées après le 15 mars 2019, par rapport au chiffre d’affaires réalisé entre la date de création de l’entreprise et le 15 mars 2020 ramené sur deux mois, mon entreprise a subi une perte de chiffre d’affaires :
supérieure ou égale à 80 %”.

You can’t move on until you tick the circle next to it.

What I don’t understand is, what does this have to do with claiming a lack of income in September and October this year?

Cheers - Steve

I think it means they haven’t updated their website! This relates to first confinement, not now. Whoops!

.(edit…if your sept and Oct income is over 80% down on last year same time I would tick the box and move on…)

Thanks Jane. My partner thought that was the case also.

Our income in 2019 compared to 2020 is a big fat 100% down, so there should be no isssues there!

I have submitted a general question to Valérie’s online forum at Start a Business in France. If anyone knows what the hell is going on, she will.

Will update accordingly.

Cheers - Steve

This was the same situation in the earlier lockdown period. They need you to certify that you had income during the same period in the previous calendar year to prevent people from defrauding the government.
This is how I interpreted it. Unfortunately being agents who work on commission we did not have any monies come due during this period last year so are unable to claim for this year.

I agree.

Okay. So after three days of trying to get the bloody website to accept the information that “it” requests that you enter and finally getting to the end of the process many many times just to be thrown back to the inbox again. I thought, lets do this late at night, peope will be asleep - won’t they?

Unfortunatley, the same situation occcured over and over again over the last two hours tonight! I am at the stage of pulling my pubes out (yes - CV19 relaxation in that area - don’t judge me!). And then, I thought, "Hang on - what if France does not think my computer is in “France”?) I engage the VPN and within three minutes I have completed the necessary requirements and bingo, confirmation of €1,500 is on its way to our bank account for loss of income for October 2020.

You have no idea how I feel at the end of the process. I do belive it is Midnight Wine Time!

Stay safe, be kind and that’s all :slight_smile:


Due to the virus and health set back i decided it was pointless opening this season.So zero income and of course not able to claim.
with some luck we can receive paying guests for summer 2021.

Why can’t you claim?

because 2020 we were unable to take clients so in 2021 there is no figure to compare with.Have i got it wrong.

Claims for the past months are based on 2019 figures.

but what happens in 2021 if we are unable to open
can we refer back.

We can’t claim because we are LMNP and receive a pension. Despite having a business structure and paying business tax.

If you happen to be a fan of Doctor Who…

No idea, but you can claim for this year, which is at least a start. Everyone will have to deal with 2021 when they get there so there’s not much point getting ulcers about it now. Keep well :blush:

Thanks for that clip Jane. I am a child of the 60’s, so was brought up on all things UK television. I used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks appeared - scared the shit out of me. Have a great day!

Thanks Vero.

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The system does seem a bit unfair if your income varies a lot. Almost all of our gites income comes in the first half of the year, because people pay for their holidays in advance - but in some of those months in most years we would be earning say 10,000€ - which would sustain us through the second half of the year when the income drops. But the government compensation was only 1,500€ even for ‘good’ months - very welcome, but not really leaving any surplus to spread over the low income period.

Yes but they are compensating you for the low income period though? Because you can claim for your average monthly income in 2019 v your actual monthly income in 2020 - so I don’t see the issue?

We get lots of deposits in January/February, but don’t ask people to pay until they arrive?

I didn’t know that Catharine - just spoken to my wife (who actually runs ‘our’ gites business) and she is in fact still claiming. Strange she never told me…

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