Food Allergies.. how do you live with them

This is a sad story… perhaps if you suffer such a serious allergy… you should not eat food “away from home”… :zipper_mouth_face: how else can you cope ???

Yes I just read this and despite her father administrating two epipens (adrenaline) it couldn’t save her !
My partner has to have an epipen nearby, I know how to use it (hope that I keep a cool head) in an emergency, so does he.
What an awful thing to happen, but how on earth can you control these risks when you are travelling?
My thoughts go out to her family, how on earth can you recover over the loss of a child in such circumstances, well any circumstances really ! :cry:

Just goes to show… money doesn’t mean much… her Dad is a millionaire, but …:neutral_face::zipper_mouth_face:

I know this sounds very hard of me, but if I or a family member had such a severe allergy then I wouldn’t be buying ready made sandwiches. Or if I was going to then I would be questioning very hard about the contents. Pret don’t have labels on the sandwiches, but you can ask for their booklet of each sandwich’s ingredients.

It doesn’t sound as if Pret told them they were safe for her to eat and it was them who made a mistake.

I feel for the family, but it was an avoidable accident sadly.

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My cousin has issues with nuts, basically if she can’t find out definitely something is nut free she won’t risk it

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I’m with Jane on this. If an allergy is so dangerous then why risk on readymade food? In a busy kitchen such as Pret the food is alongside nut bars and various other bread and snack products, so the risk of cross contamination is already there. With such a serious allergy, I’d suggest that if you haven’t made it yourself, or are absolutely certain of the origin and preparation of ingredients, then eating out or prepacked is dodgy.


Agree but we don’t know the full story - in a rush, maybe eaten from Pret previously without problems, the reassurance (ultimately proven to be false) that dad had Epipens.

It is, however, a complete tragedy - the family must be devastated, especially her father.

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