Food and Art Experience at Callizo Restaurant Ainsa

This was my birthday treat weekend and the following words are from their menu. The English is not perfect but tell you what everything else was! What a fantastic meal.

"The team of Callizo give you the welcome, filled with enthusiasm
of being ambassadors of our homeland, of its traditions and its larder. Along
this menu we will do winks to crossbreeding, (when we approach the cuisines of
de world), to new culinary technologies... But, the principal aim of our work,
it’s: have a good time, that you feel at home, we want to make you
happy... look at the Montanesa Rock, the water of the Cinca River, the
Perdido Mountain... the burners are ignition, the nature is in the dish, enjoy
the flavours and scents from this land, this has not done except to begin....."

Spherical olives hung on a bonsai olive tree

Gildas (popular savoury appetizer)

Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) - orange

100% organic: char grilled spelt bread with olive oil

A present for me, really! did they know it was my birthday?

Ah! Silkworm of blue cheese and strawberries

Ecostean Cebiche from Cinca river with tigers milk and yellow chilli peppers

A fresh plug of lettuce, loved the scissors

Cream of Aragonese cheeses- Pyrenean herbs-textures of tomato

Cod salad "Kokotxa" pil-pil with lodized sauce of cockles and Reisling

Foie gras, roast apple, corn caramel, fresh leaves

Zucchini flower from Bilboa to L'Ainsa by the "Yebra de Basa - Fiscal"

Lamb ribs in two versions

A moulded melted record to hold the following course

Dust, fog wind and sun (Title of song of an Aragonese songwriter) apple pie- strawberries-yogurt- roast apple - ice cream

Now this one they called "Thousand Surprises for Discovering" and wow and wow again, our table was cleared and then after a white plastic cover was placed on the table, a large chocolate egg was placed in the centre, the chef who had 3 bowls off caramel, apricot and blackcurrant proceeded to paint the table. At this point I was flabbergasted, yip that's the word and I completely forgot to take a picture of the egg. He then poured liquid nitrogen into the egg and before I could blink raised it to shoulder height and dropped it smack in the middle of the art work! a white fog crept over the table and you felt the chill but were left with the most amazing desert ever!

The whole meal which took us 3 hours to savour and devour was an absolute delight and made my birthday one to remember.