Food for thought (as of Saturday)

(John Morrison) #1

Excerpts from TM -

“Mrs May said there was a “stark choice” of either leaving the European Union with a deal or not leaving at all.”
And -
“The longer this takes, the greater the risk of the UK never leaving at all.”



(Nellie Moss ) #2

To be honest as TM was a remainer to begin with I have wondered if she has a hidden plan


(Timothy Cole) #3

If this was her plan all along and it does happen (ie not leaving), will she ever get credit for it from remainers?


(Jane Williamson) #4

I really don’t think you could describe her actions as a plan.
There were too many variables and too many others involved for it to be definite enough for it to be so.


(Paul Flinders) #5

TM was a most lukewarm advocate for Remain.

I must admit that when I read stuff like this I really want to say - fine no deal it is, out on Friday.

It would be a catastrophe, and hurt the very groups that voted most strongly for Leave - but it would lay bare all the lies that the like of JRM have been spouting for the last 2½ years.


(Jane Williamson) #6

She just wanted to keep her job and not annoy David Cameron.


(John Morrison) #7

I have wondered for some time whether this was all some devilishly clever plan. She has either been unbelievably incompetent or very, very smart. If she has to accept a long delay from the EU, France et al notwithstanding, the chances of no brexit increase considerably. She can then say that she’s tried her best, with three stabs at getting a deal through Parliament (that she must have known from the start would be vetoed by the DUP) and has unsuccessfully tried to come to terms with Labour. Therefore “I’ve tried my very best but it’s not me - it’s them” especially after her extraordinary speech a couple of weeks ago. Plus all her Brexit ministers have either been nonentities or utter numpties. Of course, I could be totally wrong and she is, in fact, the most useless PM in the universe, ever.


(Paul Flinders) #8

The former.


(stella wood) #9

(Robert Hodge) #10

One notes that she makes no mention of the third available choice ----- to leave the EU in a managed ‘No deal’ scenario.
Either of TMs choices would suit her just fine, as apart from a few name changes, the Withdrawal Agreement that she proposes is tantamount to remaining in the EU anyway ---- just without any say in how it’s run.
The Prime Minister’s only real objectives in all this are to keep the donations rolling in to the party from big business, and to maintain her own, and thus the Tory Party’s grip on power.
In my view it’s all about short term greed and power without any regard for what the majority of the electorate indicated they wanted at the ballot box.
Mrs May is a career politician, and as such, and as she has repeatedly proven by her own deeds since taking office, hardly a word that comes out her mouth can be regarded as being the truth.


(Paul Flinders) #11

There’s no such thing as “managed no-deal” as we might be about to discover.

I don’t think May has a grand plan - she was never that enthusiastic about remaining and is fixated on ending freedom of movement which needs a “hard” Brexit.

She has consistently put self above above party and party above nation simple as that. Hang on for another day for the sake of “delivering Brexit” and I really can’t see that she has some noble plan to thwart Brexit hidden, ready to wheel out at the last minute.

For those who hope for a further extension then first the EU have to agree what they will offer and then May has to accept it.

Given that it seems unlikely they will offer June 30, even if they agree the extension at all - which itself is not certain, it will then be very hard for May to accept given the need to partake in EU elections if a long extension is offered. I suspect that she will then face Parliament with a final, literally at the last second before the cliff edge, vote on her deal vs no deal and they will ratify her deal.

She will then probably step down, pretty much all other routes lead to her being thrown out anyway (except maybe the EU actually offering June 30 which just kicks the can down the road a bit).

If Parliament fail to blink in this ludicrous, nihilistic, internicine game of chicken that our politicians are playing with the country we’ll be out at the end of the week.

Which would be fun to watch, just not from the inside. :frowning:

[all predictions subject to the impact of reality, when it arrives - I’m just guessing, after all]

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