Foodie magazines

I am sure that you all know the best and most interesting foodie mags of the world.

Can you let me have the names of your favourites?

If you have the time....the name of the magazine and where it is published.

Jane well yes because people who buy the caterer are people who are

interested in the world of food.Deeply involved in the food industry.

I always bought the caterer and have had some copies sent to me

by the editor.

We have enjoyed some reviews re our restaurant in London from a

Wine/food critic, who, incidently is in love with Burgandy and Champagne.

I used to take Caterer & Hotelkeeper for a long time, can you call that a foodie mag?

What a pity.

Yes of course a dish must be sent out right...AND IF it is not correct the waiter should

not get to the table with it...

Back to the kitchen and start again whilst the waiter apologies gently to the

hungry clients/customers.

Big....Big mistake not employing staff who know what they are doing.

Before opening a restaurant do a few dummy runs to make sure all is smooth.

We trained our staff but we there almost every opening hour.....and more.

But going into the restaurant business is like going into the army...ALMOST

Precision....long hours and attention to detail.

Never keep your eye off the enemy.....a bad waiter or commis chef is one of those.

Now I am a char and an events manager.

Looking for a new challenge.

Thinking about gay weddings.

YES David he is basicly a journalist with a yearning for knowledge.

He was a customer at our restaurant and was eager to know about all

the salad ingredients which were new to him and would ask me to define

his plate.

We had goodies from a garden in Kent...Appledore. These people produced

the most natural and delightful fruits, herbs and veggies to all those they

favoured. You had to be pretty decent at cooking to be in their gang.

They were, and I hope the Smiths.

Must see how their land lies.

I am inclined to research the word CHEF AND reunite with its meaning.

To me it looks like it refers to a leader, a commander and someone who you

look to for leadership.

Hugh seems to be that.

Perhaps we have redefined the words chef de cuisine as we look at others who cook.

Yes the granddaddies of the world of cuisine are of course The Roux who are the

scholars of the scullery.

Barbs is ok Tony....No offence taken.

If it's not in the OED it ought to be. The great days of wine and food magazines seems to me to be associated with the loads a money culture of the eighties, conspicuous consumption and "power dressing". Certainly present day UK food mags seem pedestrian in comparison. I've certainly got no objection to talented and well trained chefs getting the financial rewards they enjoy.

"Hugh fearlessly eats it all " has done many good things but he has the good grace not to call himself a chef. He's basically a journalist who by his own admission was too messy to last very long at the River Café.

Is that in the dictionary David?

BY the appreciation of good food pornagrafic?

Is making a fortune as a talented chef not a great idea...


After all it is the initial hard work in the kitchen which is then

followed by dynamic publicity and marketing.

Perhaps the Cookies in the fancy jar are harmless.


And Hughie would be one the pages.

He is the brightest of the bunch and, of course was a journalist

and food enthusiast who became an excellent chef and leader

in the Foodie Industry.

They are what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall called 'food pornography' Tony ;-)