Foot care costs?

Hi everyone,
I have never been to a foot care person before, and I don’t know much about how it works in France. I looked up the local foot people, and there are a few, some accept carte vitale, some don’t. But what I can’t work out is the costs, before I struggle with the French of it, does anyone know what the ‘standard fee’ is, or what it might be with a carte vitale? I found lots of information but not the costs. Thanks.

Ring them up and ask them to send you an email with a list of what they do, what they charge, how much is reimbursed via health insurance.


I’m wondering if you need a Prescription to get things done/paid-for via Carte Vitale…


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Good question, thanks. I wondered about that. I don’t know if it is prescription for carte vitale or just plain carte vitale same as at the doctor. I hope someone on here knows.



Rien ne se présente :slightly_frowning_face:


No idea why the screenshot I originally tried to upload wouldn’t… sorry!

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I don’t have any real problems with my feet but, as I’m getting older, I’m finding it more difficult to reach them! Every 6 weeks I visit a Pédicure-podologue who cuts my toe nails, removes any hard skin and gives a quick foot massage. It costs 31€ and is worth every centime - it’s my little bit of luxury! As I don’t have a medical problem I can’t claim anything through CPAM. Hope this is of help.


Hi Joyce,
Thank you, that is a helpful start regarding costs.

There is a difference between medically prescribed podologue who will do things like, for example, custom make insoles. These will be covered by CPAM to a degree. But beware, they usually cost over 100€ (mine are 157€) and the reimbursement is 70% of the social security base which is - wait for it - 27€. So you can pay out over 100€ but will only get 18.90€ back or thereabouts. And you need to have visited your GP to get a prescription first, so another 25€ or which you get 70€ back.

Then things like sorting out corns and toe nails are done by a podiatrist and not covered by CPAM, so you can book an appointment without going via your GP and will cost between 30 and 35€. ( I actually have foot care prescribed in the context of a chronic disease, but CPAM still won’t pay.)

(Or maybe I have mixed up podologue and podiatrist, but generally they are the same person!)

And the whole thing about accepting carte vitale is just about whether you have to pay upfront, or whether they pop your card in the machine and just charge you the not CPAM costs (or nothing if you have a mutuelle who covers feet)

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Thanks. The costs of basic foot care, nails etc, with or without carte vitale, is what I am investigating. Some places accept carte vitale, some don’t. And wow, I thought insoles were expensive enough in the UK, but yours are very expensive.

So simple answer is that you have to pay for it yourself, approx 35€, unless you have a very comprehensive mutuelle that covers these sorts of things. If you are self-paying then carte vitale makes no difference.

When V made an appointment with the podologue there was no requirement for an ordonnance.
That said, I have type 2 diabetes and I have an ordonnance for 6 visits to the podologue each year (so every 2 months).

I suppose you foot the bill Graham ?


Was about to write the same thing - saved me the time and effort :slight_smile:

Much like with corrective vision (specs, contact lenses and the like), footcare is one of the health conditions that are poorly reimbursed by the sécu. Always useful to have a mutuelle that covers some or all of the extra cost in such cases.

Nope, just ditched our mutuelle and gone for hospital only cover.

Last two years we have paid out over 1000€ more each year on mutuelle than we received back. We are keeping track of our spending so will see whether it stays in balance. And since we have a mutuelle (albeit hospital only) in means we can increase our cover instantly if we feel it necessary.

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I think that foot care is something often overlooked by men more than women.
As a man I had my first pedicure around ten years ago in Florida where male foot-care is big business purely from an vanity issue as sandals can almost be worn year round.
This did focus my mind and I now realise many men wearing sandals in Europe don’t have very pretty nails!
I was originally persuaded because mobility is very important to me.
Since then I have a pedicure every few months.


I have a phobia of men in sandals.
Nice to know that some are having pedicures, I might not worry so much.

I haven’t a problem with men in sandals.
Just those men that insist on wearing socks with them! :face_vomiting:
Not a good look imo :laughing: