Foot Health Practitioner

Foot Health Practitioner
Hi everyone,
I have an established small business as a Foot Health Practitioner in Wiltshire but would love to relocate to Charente next year. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to set up on my own in France?
Any information greatly appreciated .

A similar question and loads of info here for you (whilst you wait for other replies) :smiley:

It is difficult. It is not just the qualifications but also the way in which health care is paid for here. Podiatry is not covered by the state except for example for diabetics, but most people carry complementary health insurance which will cover some of the costs for qualified professionals. Most people will therefore only go to a qualified podologue-pedicurist.

So a lot depends on your qualifications and whether they are recognised here. If not, it used to be that you could set up as a pedicurist, as that has fewer regulations. But I think that’s no longer possible. See here:

Oh dear… that’s a shame but as I thought.
The French healthcare system is more comprehensive isn’t it!
Thank you so much for the information, really helpful.

There might be a fast track way to convert your qualifications? But I don’t think you’d get much business if you set up as a foot health person outside the system here.