For any Scot's on here, a wee chuckle from the past

Happy New Year

You don’t have to be Scottish, I’ll watch that later, best thing since sliced bread (but never touch the stuff) and even eclipses Rab these days.

I saw Ford Kiernon turn up briefly in a Nesbitt episode recently and he looked young enough to be wondering if he had just had a great idea. :laughing:

Thanks for the link Colin, it looks a hoot. Have you ever listened to this…

Yes I have listened to them before, they are excellent.

If you like Still Game and I absolutely love it (For me way better than Rab C and one of the most consistently funny series of all time ), all the series are on Netflix :sunglasses:

I take it you mean Netflix UK? If not I’ll go and search my French version.

Not sure about the French version I am afraid, it should work with a VPN though.

The nine series are on BBC iPlayer as well.

Scotland’s reaction to another lockdown :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: