For Boat-Lovers Everywhere.. Tall Ships

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(stella wood) #3

This one is arriving at Bordeaux Wednesday morning 26th June … leaving Friday…

Wish we could get there to see it… :relaxed:

(Chris Kite) #4

We saw it from the beach at St George de Didonne this morning, heading up the estuary and out to sea.

(stella wood) #5

Shiver me timbers… :grin: what a glorious sight…

(David Martin) #6

When it was in La Rochelle just before the Bordeaux Tall Ships meet they were selling berths for the passage to the Gironde. I was tempted. Mind you it’s an ugly beast compared to the Hermione.

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(stella wood) #8

Any of you folk near Ipswich…

In the past, we’ve dashed many a mile to see this sort of thing…Tall Ships in Ipswich harbour

(Richard Carpenter) #9

I saw the event back in the mid 90’s when it was at Weymouth. I had to park two miles from the beach and walk in. It was worth it.