For holiday rental owners in France - how have your 2010 bookings gone?

(Martin Jarvis) #1

Please could I ask French holiday rental owners to help me out with a poll I am running on my blogging site? I set up a poll some time ago asking whether bookings were up, down, or unchanged on 2009 levels, and for some feedback in the form of comments against the post to describe your own experiences.

I’m due to send out a newsletter in just under 2 weeks and I would like to solicit a few more responses so that I can include some comprehensive and credible poll findings in the newsletter.

So, if you have a holiday property in France that you rent out, please could you take a quick look at my poll and respond with your own experience?

Thank you.

The poll is here…

p.s. I’m not sure this is the right place to ask for this help, but I’m sure some kind sole can point me in the right direction if not.