For Minchinhamptonites

Look how lovely, a familiar sight perhaps - I loved seeing them as I drove over the common and down to Stonehouse.


Not so many Highland Cattle as plain old Holsteins.
I made a programme for Radio 4 about the cattle leaving the Common through a gate and trashing our vegetable garden. We were not protected by a cattle grid and when they lost grazing they would break out.
Our younger daughter used to drive them back again and, somewhere, we have a lovely picture of her doing just that.


I don’t remember seeing any Highland cattle but I did my driving over the common in 1990-1994. I saw balloons emerging from the mist down on the right hand side of the road as you came off the common… This picture was posted this week by a Minchinhampton resident, (friend of a friend of mine who works in Stroud and lives in Nailsworth)! But I don’t know when it was taken and at first I thought it was photoshopped.

I was telling my wife the other day about the cattle grids! Been ages since I’ve driven up there. Used to go up on the common as a mid-teen with my parents to walk the dogs, my step-mum was from Dursley.


I have just been sent a picture taken by one of our old neighbours. He is in his car behind a Highland cow in the middle of the road on Minchinhampton Common.

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Maybe one of the same ones! Perhaps they are on the rampage :grinning:

He was stuck behind it, so hardly rampaging.

…or a particularly nice view either! :grinning:


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My goodness how Minchinhampton Common has changed!

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