For or Against the Hour Changing?

Still time to vote…

I recall one year, the UK left the clocks alone, I was living in Scotland and it was absolutely fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends where you live - France is already in the “wrong” time zone and it really shows in Brittany, summer would have a better balance without DST.

Eastern European nations are also in the wrong time zone but the other way, there you really need DST to have any useful daylight in the evening - today, for example, the sun sets at 20:10 in Naples - were there no DST that would be 10 past 7 which is pretty ridiculous.

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As I’ve said before Spain is in the wrong time zone and it affects the country’s productivity. In my bit of western France were fine, about the same longitude as London but an hour ahead, the mornings can be a bit dark in mid winter but we always have a bit of early evening daylight.
Scotland, especially the north gains day length in the summer but loses out in the winter because of its latitude. The far north and some of the Islands are not too far away from the Arctic Circle and it’s 24 hours of daylight and 24 hours if darkness according to the season. It’s much more civilised diwn here in the south halfway to the equatorial equinox.

It was 1968-1971 and the change was to leave the clocks on “summer time” all year (remembering that daylight savings time actually applies to the summer months). It means darker mornings which lead to an increase in accidents.

Western Spain must really feel it, Portugal, sensibly, uses WET/WEST.

It is quite surprising, isn’t it, to find that Bordeaux is less than half a degree west of London.

Rather shame-facedly, I have to admit that my digital clock-radio is set to wake me at 7.30 am at Radio 4 BBC which, being 630 am John Humphreys Time, means my first three or four hours of daytime consciousness are fully committed to being English, drinking PG tips from an enamel mug, eating toast and marmalade, and having A Thought For The Day.

Is there a Samaritan-style helpline for early-morning English like me? :roll_eyes:

It came as a surprise to me, I’d always presumed that western France would be due south of Devon or Dorset but I actually cross the meridian when I drive to the coast.

I am FOR it, I just love the 6 monthly confusion…

I have a clock which tells the correct every other 6 months… :wink:

A bit off track, but I was surprised at school to learn, Madrid is about due south of London and on almost on the same latitude as New York, surprised me considering the Diff’ in climate, Ocean currents, Labrador and Gulf Stream :slightly_smiling_face:

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At home, we used to have an old globe on a stand… fascinating for us kids to pore over… to search for a place … and in relation of one place to another… even though some of the colours of the countries were out of date, we got the general idea of what was where.

Having said that, I couldn’t do Geography at school, seems I have a head like a sieve… but give me a globe… and I could find anywhere (almost). :relaxed:


I usually (it needs a new strap at the moment) wear a watch which tracks the DCF 77 transmissions from Germany so it adjusts itself for DST.

Mind you it is slightly tricky to tell it what time zone it is in so, during visits to France i leave it on GMT/BST and mentally add an hour to the indicated time.

I only have to change one clock in the house and those in the cars. The TV, radio, phone, tablet and satellite controlled clock all change themselves and the only chiming clock I own gets shut down overnight anyway.

Mine is a Seiko Automatic Paul, got put it ‘back and forth’ manually, what a pain!!!
Consolation is it’s waterproof to 200 mtrs, though I hope, never to prove that! :grin:

Following on from this thread I just looked at my watch that I haven’t worn for over five years; it’s still working but it’s one hour three minutes out!

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Thats not 'alf bad Dave! to late to figure out, if it was bst or gmt when you wore it last? But 3mins could be impressive in 5yrs :thinking:

Last worn in 2013. I can’t imagine wearing a watch now.


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I haven’t worn a watch since I came to France 11 years ago and probably a bit before that. I always have my phone.

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I was given a Timex, by an uncle, from Texas, when I was about 4, a ‘Hoppalong Cassidy’ job, like yours, would be worth a few bob now. :slightly_smiling_face: