For or Against the Hour Changing?

(Nancy Ellen) #21

Personally, I’m tired of time changes. They make no sense to me, especially the fall one. Suddenly, it gets dark earlier, who needs that?

(Phillip Cox) #22

same here - nice watch to watch

(David Martin) #23

Children who walk to school during the winter.

(Bill Morgan) #24

‘Twas amusing, Hoppy joggin’ along. :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #25

(Mat Davies) #26

Agree - scrap changing clocks.

(Paul Flinders) #27

But sort out time zones 1st?

(Graham Lees) #28

… but it’s already done!
In aviation (probably for seafaring types as well) there is UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).
Pull Big Ben down I say… and sell it for scrap :neutral_face:

(Paul Flinders) #29

France + Spain (especially the latter) need to be in the Western European Time zone

Germany, Belgium, Switzerland etc are OK in Central European Time

Italy - the north is OK where is it but consideration should be given to moving southern Italy to the Eastern European Time zone.

Poland etc - Eastern European Time zone

I mean, mainland USA manages to span 3/4 time zones without interstate trade falling apart, why can’t the EU manage it?

(David Martin) #30

Spain changed their time zone around the time of the Civil War to fit in with Nazi Germany. Their economy loses billions of euros per year through the inefficiency caused.

(Richard Carpenter) #31

It seems 4.6 million people agree with leaving the clocks alone.

(Paul Flinders) #32

Actually I think the same was done in France

One wonders why they do not revert to WET/UTC/GMT ± daylight savings as it would be more appropriate

(stella wood) #33

Latest news… looks as though it will be going ahead… :thinking: ??? although Member States can decide for themselves whether to keep or abolish… (now that could make things interesting… :zipper_mouth_face: )

(Jane Williamson) #34

I have my radio on all night.
I listen to World Service sometimes and nearly always wake to go to the loo at 6.20, shipping forecast.
You are missing the best programme of the day, Farming Today.

(Peter Goble) #35

Ah, no. I often wake before the alarm and listen avidly to Farming Today which is very listenable-to and reminds me of our debt to the farmers who feed us, and who are deeply unappreciated by many. Coming to live in lower Normandy has opened my eyes to the vast scope of agriculture in all its varied forms, to how physically and mentally demanding a pursuit it is: and to how vital the living world is to our continued existence.

(Jane Williamson) #36

Good for you.

(Peter Goble) #37

Yes, it has been. Very :+1::sunny: