For sale 2018....a stunning property with a proven income

Having purchased almost nine years ago and established a decent
income we know that we have created a place which is desirable for
visitors who enjoy and can afford quality.
We have reservation and other commitments for 2017…so spring 2018
looks good for us as a completion date.
When we sell we may well stay in our area which is 33890 as we love it here…
We will be selling as it is time to stop working! We are not far from St Emilion
and Bergerac or even Bordeaux.
The property is 330 hab with pool, bar, pigionier and a couple of hect of
garden, fruit trees and little shady spots dotted around.
All bedrooms ensuite and every room very large, lots of windows and retaining
Price 630.000
or 510;000 for the large property, barn and pool with a large proportion of the land …we would retain the pigonier and create a habitation.
Not sure how to upload photos here but can direct you to many.

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Hi @barbara_deane1 I made a video with you in mind :slight_smile:

Thank you James…I will try!

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