For Sale NIKON AF 20-35 mm f2.8

Front element in perfect condition, rear element has some wear, minor pitting and a couple of light scratches. Overall this lens is in average condition, it certainly has seen some use but is in perfect working order. It is surplus to my requirement as I have replaced it with the 16-35.

I can do a better photo of the rear element if anyone is interested. Or any tests with it.

Anyone interested around €400? Cheapest one I can find online is €450 and they go for €600 plus for A+ examples.

No worries, enjoy the new toy :)

Sadly I can't afford to pay that much, as I've just splashed out on a D7100. Good luck though.

Hi Tony, I added the text a little after posting the photos, what do you think, any use to you?

Oops! The text didn't come up at first

I might be interested. How much? Good condition?