For those who wonder from Bergerac

On our sundays of exploration we came across a great looking restaurant/hotel in Thremalot.

A relais de silence with a Michelin star.

It was our intention to try book a table and enjoy the exsperience.

However, in the meantime Veronique has praised the Table de Lion at St Avit senieur which

has been opened by the ex chef at Thermalot or one of his team.
The location of Le Table was more suitable and yesterday we joined some friends at the restaurant.

The village, the countryside was very appealing.

The restaurant was very unpretenious and the cooking matched.

Good choices on menu inclusions, fairly priced and skillful marraige of flavours and without fuss

and the usual inclusion of garnishes and stuff which really should not be on the plate.

Small portions but totally adequate.

Good suggestion from Veronique and thank you for the introduction.

I Agrre they need and deserve encouragement.
If I go ahead with the food festival perhaps they will participate.

As an easy signature dish/es the gaspachio is easy to serve on mass ....

AND, of course a main dish.

If he demonstartes in the kitchen we will need an interpreter as some of the

crowd may be english speaking.

Yes a really special village.

I'm glad you liked it Barbara - they are a young couple (in their twenties) and this is their first solo venture so I think they need encouragement! St Avit is being dug up all winter as part of the UNESCO world heritage site refurbishment and I hope it won't cause too much disruption.