Foreign Exchange services

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance if this has been discussed, but I am new to this forum and I am in the planning stages of our move to La Rochelle.

We will be transferring money on a monthly basis from the US to France, and I was wondering if there were any services that you particularly recommend (or don't) for this type of transaction.

Our local bank, *Bank of the West", has suggested using as they have better exchange rates and no fees.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.



Thanks Nancy.

The person at that I worked with (initially) is Jason Kumpf. he is based out of the San Francisco, CA ofice.

His email address is:

Hope that is helpful for you!

Thanks Nancy. Please I would love the name of your contact.

No, I didn't.I am not sure this group is active. Maybe a new amercian group is needed to help us newbies?!? Or maybe there is a more active American group on a different social network? Are you aware of any?

I will say that I have learned a lot by reading the posts/answers from the UK expats. They are amazingly supportive of each other.

I am happy to share with you and this group what I have learned, though.

I am using a company called They have no fees. Their exchange rate is far better than most banks. And even if your banks exchange is equal to theirs, again, you save on the fee. For example, I did my first small transfer and I saved myself anywhere between $45-$100 to purchase 1575 euro. WHen I move to France, they said I will switch to their London branch. If this is of interest to you I can give you the email of my contact at

Hello Nancy,

Did you get any answer to your post? I do have the same question. We are not too far from you (Nantes). Thanks