Forest Fires

Phew, reckon everyone was shattered after sorting this one…

Worrying. We haven’t had fires, but looking at how the greenery has developed across our valley in the past twelve months,and remembering last year’s drought - how long will our luck last!

We’ve had some nasty fires around us this year… but, so far, none has quite threatened our village (although one did come close to being out of control…).

Love the sunshine… but these extremes can throw a wobbly at the drop of a hat (or the flick of a cigarette… etc …)

We are bordered on 2 sides by woodland and it is a bit of a worry in weather like this, but we have 2 things going for us. The wood is to the north and the east and the wind generally from the south-west, and I have a large pond in the woods sheltered from the evaporating effects of the sun above the house, and an easy source for the pompiers if necessary.

Also good neighbours, ex pompiers. 30 odd years ago when it was still our holiday home I rather foolishly tried to encourage a reluctant BBQ by squirting lighting fluid at it…and overshot my aim straight into dry brush beyond. A sheet of flame shot 60 feet up a nearby oak tree and all the neighbours came running with hoses and buckets. I asked the immediate one to phone the pompiers for me and when it was all over and we were having a cold beer to recover I asked ‘what happened to the pompiers?’ ‘Oh’ he said ‘I didn’t bother to ring, I knew we could handle it and they would have charged you’. :roll_eyes:

The next day I got a plumber to install an outside tap (the only reliable plumber we have ever had) and afterwards, if I ever had a BBQ, a hose was connected and unrolled to the point of ignition. :wink: