Formal notice from Mairie of residency

Fair enough if it makes people feel more secure. Personally I think it’s a waste of time and even risks giving a false sense of security of having “done something”, because the tax office is only interested in facts, not intentions. They can’t issue an official document confirming that Mr X is a French taxpayer in tax year N, until they’ve accepted and processed Mr X’s tax return for year N. Abuse would be too easy if they dished out tax residency certificates just for the asking - you could pop over to France, announce yourself as resident, get a tax residency certificate for the year, then go straight back to the UK or wherever and say “I pay tax in France now so I don’t need to do a return here”, and then not submit a tax return anywhere, easy peasy.
You can write to your tax office and tell them you’re here by all means, but don’t put too many eggs in that particular basket.

I think you misunderstand what I am saying… Anna…

For Mat, I think it is a good idea to get everything up and running as from now… Frankly, no-one is going to issue a certificate… but getting on with becoming permanent (and that means telling all the Offices)… is what he needs to do.

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I got a certificate from the mairie about 6 months ago - just walked in and asked for it. However, my situation may have made that process easier as I have a son in school so they were used to me popping in for transport, school lunches etc. The secretary just wrote it out, stamped it, the mayor glanced over and nodded as he signed him (presumably in recognition). Anyway, they do issue them but probably much depends on your local mairie’s office - different areas seem to have different policies.

Our Mairie did one for our daughter last year. I can’t recall for why, but she required proof of address for some reason and didn’t have any bills in her own name. It wasn’t for her Lycee. It might have been for her driving lessons. Bizarrely, her bank account wasn’t acceptable!

I asked for one from our mayor when we put in our Carte de Sejour application. It was a simple letter confirming that we had lived in the commune for xxx years.

You can obtain an “Attestation de Résidence” from your local Maisie. Take your electricity or gas bill, your income tax forms, your house insurance and your identity card or passport. When you move to a town in France you must go to the Mairie to declare that this is your main residence. This attestation is always useful, and for tax purposes in the UK as well. To avoid paying in both places.

Not sure that is a legal fact right now but after brexshit - who knows?

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Quite right Graham… ALL newcomers (not just foreigners) are encouraged to visit the Mairie and introduce themselves… since the Notaire does not advise the Mairie when a property changes hands…

Of course, French folk go there to get on the Electoral Roll (if needs be)… but for whatever reason, it helps to keep the info up to date…

We popped to the Mairie today, very welcoming indeed.

They have copied our passports and a few utility bills.

We are being registered to vote (good suggestion @Stella)


Our neighbours got the attestation de domicile last week. They needed it to apply for their Carte Vitale. No problem (so far).
I got one last year when applying for my French driving license (and it was accepted by the French license authority).

Yes it is the law. Not just for foreigners but for all French citizens too. The mairie needs to know who is living in their town. Also those entitled to vote should sign up in their new town of residency.

A link to the legislation would be a great help Fiona - cheers!

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On the EDF website you can change your address yourself if you previously had home address listed for elsewhere.
They also have a very useful attestation form you can download to save having to print off a list of bills.

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