Forms forms - is th is for the bin or google translation?

hi all - just signed up as an auto e... i'm snowed under with forms!!! we did it all a year ago for the other half - but i can't remember if this was a keeper or a binner... any thoughts?

And that would never do - lol!

Yeah but then Tracy wouldn't get any easter eggs!


thanks Andrew... just think in another 3 or 4 years i'll be able to stand on my own two feet...

x teresa

angel that you are Tracy... thanks...

it'll be easter again soon - i'll 'source' you some eggs!!!

yep, it'll only take a minute too ;-)

It's a keeper and very important. You need to take it to your doctor, get him to sign and stamp it, then send it back. If you don't you wont be reimbursed so well for your healthcare.