Forty free photos and an embarrassing one of James!

I've just come across a box of photos from when I used to work at Euro Disney back in '92! As we had some family over for a few days I got them out and we (they) were all having a riotous time taking the mickey (groan) out of me dressed up in various ridiculous outfits!

It was such fun it got me thinking about what the advent of digital photography has taken away from us. No longer do we have stacks of prints from Boots hanging around the place ready to be passed around the table over a couple of beers. Dragging people in front of your PC monitor to view them one at a time is just not the same.

Some of you probably print your own, and I salute you for that, for those of us that don't have the time/inclination/decent printer etc. there are plenty of online services which will do it for you.

So why not take a few minutes to organise you best photos and send them off to be printed, you too will be howling with laughter over the dinner table in no time at all, and if not you can always laugh at the one of me below instead!

And if you sign up with Photobox now, you can get them free! What are you waiting for?!

Me in '92 practicing my gunslinging skills!!

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely agree that not having photos in print can detract from the memory. A friend of mine only this week came up with a few gems from the murky, distant past. Here's one of them at the ripe old age of 17. Catharine - this is the son of the owner of the Mucky Duck I'm dancing with!

I remember going to Eurodisney not long after it first opened, must have been April/May 1992 with my wife and 2 year old for his 2nd birthday (April 20th). We stayed at the Cowboy Hotel, can't remember it'd name now, but had a great time.

Been back a couple of times since in the 1990s, staying at the New York Hotel (the kids became a little more sophisticated as they grew up (or we did!!).

Same here, have loads of photos in the coffee table chest in the lounge. Must sort them out the next wet day, so that's tomorrow sorted here on the IoM!!

So young and SO PALE James. Goodness me, were they feeding you?

Just concentrating too hard, surprised my tongue isn't sticking out the corner of my mouth!

....ahh, happy memories, but you do not look to be that happy, just cannot get the hang of the 'revolver trick it all takes time - and look where you are now.....:)

Oh Bless....You dont look very happy James lol and as carol said you look so young!!!

You look so young.....not that you dont now of course!