Forum Banner

Has something happened to the forum layout?
The “Go Ad Free, Insurance etc” banner appears not now to respond…

It’s working off my iPad

They are working fine for me Graham, maybe you have a Gremlin there :thinking:

Nothing has changed, they should be fine, maybe a problem local to your device. Let’s see if anyone else can replicate the issue.

Actually now you mention it - I don’t see the banner at all on either my Android phone or Pixelbook. Could be a Chrome issue??

You should be watching the ball Simon not your 'phone, or is that your handicap :rofl:

Club house coffee Ann - need the caffeine :yum::yum::yum:

Hope it’s not a bitter one :wink: :coffee::coffee:

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@james Using Ubuntu and Chromium the banner works but using Firefox it doesn’t now work.
It didn’t work in Firefox when you first put the banner up and after a tweak, it did but now it seems to have reverted to not working.


Thanks Graham, I’ll investigate

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