Fostering a pony

Hey all horse lovers,I need some help I am thinking of fostering a pony for my daughter so if there is anyone out there who has a pony that’s looking for a teenage pony mad girl to dote on their pony I would love to discuss the matter I have land and my daughter is up to gallop 3

Try the Ray of Hope Rescue - they are looking for good foster homes for a number of horses - and there are a couple there who would be perfect for a teenager -
Contact there is Email:
Tel: 02 43 37 93 89
If you ask for Amy - she is the owner - very easy to talk to and a really lovely person - who is fabulous with horses. (I am fostering two of hers at the moment)

Welcome to a lifetime of financial commitment then! Just don’t get James started on the subject…

Hi Jenny
Thanks for the link, both my wife and myself have thought long and hard about getting our daughter a pony and we believe that it is only now she is old enough to take on the responsibility that comes with a pony and as for the the financial side I am already paying a fortune to a riding school so am committed or should I say my poor wallet is

Hi Steve, that’s a great thought!

Can I suggest you have a look at this before you commit further, bearing in mind horses are gregarious creatures and like to have a companion. :slight_smile:…