Fostering / looking after dogs agreement

Hi all,

A friend of mine has, for a valid reason I won’t go into here, asked me to look after their dogs for a couple of weeks, maybe longer. I’ve checked with my insurance company and am covered for civil liability in case the dogs should escape, cause an accident etc. But I’m concerned too about my responsibility to the owner, just in case… In the unlikely event of a dog being run over, sudden illness or death etc, I feel I ought to have some sort of agreement in place that I won’t be held responsible, assuming I’ve done all I can to avoid the problem, which obviously I will! I wouldn’t have thought too much about this but came unstuck once when my horse was being looked after by someone else, and once bitten twice shy! So… does anyone have a standard fostering type agreement, or information on what kennels do in this situation please? Or has anyone been in a similar situation and have you done anything like this? Doesn’t matter if info/documents are in English or French. I would be very interested to have people’s thoughts on this issue even if you haven’t experienced it directly. Thanks, Heather

Hi Heather

Some very good points raised here. I sometimes look after dogs for other people and it never occurred to me that I should be insured. Really good point - will be very interested in what other people think. G.

Sorry Heather that should have been - or email
have sent you an email in any case!

Gosh, what a quick reply, thanks Lynn! Have emailed you. Best check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear in the next few minutes :slight_smile:
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Hi Heather,
You are right to be 'shy’
In our cat charity, we have all our foster carers sign a fostering agreement that gives their committment and outlines our responsibilities. It is always best to put things on a formal footing and to try to cover eventualities, send me a personal message with your email address or email us direct at and I will let you have a copy
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