Four fostered kittens looking for their forever home!

Hi there,

I am fostering 4 adorable 4-5 week old kittens from chats du quercy!! These poor babies have lost their mummy (she has died but we don't know how). As far as we can see there are 3 males (two black, 1 black and white) and one female (grey and white).

Character descriptions so far:

The big black and white male: the first born judging on his character, he loves to play and jumps about like a little lamb! quite independant compared to others and always the first to discover 'new' toys!!

grey and white female and two black males: these three have all but the same character, the female needs alot more cuddles than the others and always has a good ten mins cuddles before going off to play (she likes to suckle on t-shirt too), the two males are quite cuddly but are off quicker to play. One of them is slightly smaller than the other three and i was slightly worried about him but he is doing brilliantly now and has started playing with others since today but still needs special attention, he likes to sit inside my t-shirt next to my heart and get warmed up!!

I will do more updates on how the are getting on in a few days!!

Litter trained and EXTREMELY child friendly (thanks to my two year old daughter)

They will be up for adoption in about 3 weeks! so please contact chats du quercy (lynn stone) for more adoption details!!


Thanks Hope

Hope and her family have done a fantastic job with the four kittens, who are now ready for their own special homes of their own.

Photos will follow when they have settled, but for now here are their details - they are all vaccinated, microchipped and will go to their new home either neutered, depending on their age, or with a neutering voucher.

(they are also cuddle monkeys!!)

Amour né 10.5.2012 noir charbonne à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730075554
Tinkerbell née 10.5.2012 femelle gris et blanc à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730076329
Laurel né 10.5.2012 noir charbonne à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730074486
Hardy né 10.5.2012 noir et blanc à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 250268730076366

Hi Melissa,

I am only fostering them for Chats du Quercy so it will be Lynn who will be sorting out advertising once they are of age and vaccinated as she says below :) i am only trying to 'tempt' people ha :) hopefully the word will get round and all these poor kittys will find homes quick enough!!

They are gorgeous photos Hope - thanks

We'll get the advertised everywhere we can think of Melissa, once they are microchipped and vaccinated.

They are so precious, Hope, thanks for sharing the photos. Have you got them listed on the Boncoin and Vivastreet?

Well the kittens have been with me for a week now and doing brilliantly!

They now have names, BnW male is Hardy, the black with white fluff on back male is Laurel, the GnW female is Tinkerbell or 'tink' as we call her, and the all black male is Amour!!

They ahve changed alot also in character, Laurel and Hardy are best play buddies and are ALWAYS playing!!Tink will have a little run round but prefers to sit on my calves or back while i'm cleaning her cage and Amour doesn't play AT ALL he is a proper lazy cuddly boy and likes to sleep inside my t-shirt :)!

They all love human company even sarahs (my two year old daughter) and are fully litter trained! they've just discovered toys and love chasing after balls and running off with my pens!!

Please help find them homes they deserve a loving family after the hard start they have had in life!! :)![](upload://cduZBsvkMSMHweeIk9Ml5biLhv5.jpg)this is Hardy writing a letter to his new family :)

TInk playing Hide and Seek

Laurel ‘seeking’ Tink

Amour sulking because I was too busy cleaning to give him cuddles haha

ha who could be kookie!! i think maybe the bigger of the two black ones ha he's got big cookie eyes :)

Kookie with a K is lovely I think, quite quirky!! and anyway, which cat answers to its name??

Mine usually take the message and get back to me at some stage!

Or Cookie with a C.

That "K" thing was me trying to write funny (Lynn, I will never learn ... )

There Hope, maybe you've found your first name? Kookie???

Hi Hope, that first picture is crack-you-heart-open adorable! When I saw it I though "Kutie, Kitty and Kookie". Good luck with placing the little fuzzies!

ha :) i know its so cute definately one for the album haha! they are doing so much better! and were in crazy playful moods last night when i went in for evening cuddle haha they were so funny :) speak soon

They are looking in fine form Hope - thank you!

The photo with your daughter is just divine!!

please look at pics!! they are adorable!! BTW they don't have names so if anyone has any ideas :)