Four in a Bed (B&B and small hotel owners)

This came to me today;

Calling all B&B and small hotel owners….

Channel 4’s popular Four In a Bed is coming to France!

Do you think you have a great place?

Would you like to show the nation why they should book in?

Do you think your business knowledge would make you a good judge of other peoples B&Bs and small hotels?

We would like to talk to passionate and out-going B&B and small hotel owners for the third series of Channel 4’s popular television programme Four In a Bed.

We are looking for owners who feel they have something special to offer their customers - and are willing to put their businesses to the test. We’re looking for a wide range of places, but they’ll all be run by proud owners.

For more information about potentially appearing in the programme please contact Studio Lambert ASAP on

Please state the name of the B&B / hotel that you run, your contact details and tell us why you are so proud of your business.

Please mention SFN if you do make contact.



You could watch it on 4oD, but you’ll need to setup a VPN first. Info on that here

if you click on 4od (channel 4 on demand) previous episodes of this programme are available to view.

I think I will have to get my father to record this programme to see what it’s all about. Sounds very interesting.

It isn’t easy though those day’s when you have a changeover in every room, six lots of beds to make, 6 lots of wardrobes and drawers to check to ensure nothing has been left, six bills to make up etc., etc., and six showers to clean, the occasional pube ca sometimes get missed! Plus I do sometimes wonder what the guests have been up to with the state of the rooms. But watching the show has given me some tips. I did try putting a fridge in one room after one guest on the show complained there was no fridge for fresh milk for her morning coffee. And so far all my guests have unplugged it! Despite there being very little noise. And the irons and ironing boards remain untouched… hey ho! But then my guests are mainly french, maybe that’s the difference? Have to say that they all ask for an english breakfast please :slight_smile:

Yes, I can understand. I still remember that comment in Chariots of Fire where Eric Liddell turns to the fellow racer and says “I guess I won’t see you in the race…” If you’re in it to win it then you have to say what you think…

Besides, I still think pubes in the shower is beyond the pale. I would not go there if you paid me…

You need to see it Ken, some of the comments are fair and others less so and some even down right malicious…but it makes excellent television.

Ah but, white or yolk…

@ Ken - I always opt for the congealed egg option!

Crikey, Wendy… just what kind of B&B do you prefer to pay for? If owners can’t clean up after their guests then they deserve every complaint that comes their way… especially if they’re putting themselves on TV.

ooh after Wendy’s comments I will have to watch this!

I’ve never seen it, no telly for 7 years, but have now looked it up and it seems a tad scary, some folks just pick things to be picky, which does seem cruel. However, I might send in an email just to see how far it goes. I’ve tried to persaude my friends who have a bar/restaurant/4 rooms to enter too. I think they would be good. Hard skin will be applied if we get chosen…haha

we also received this - email went straight into delete box…

I love the programme, as said by Wendy,every part of house is under scrutiny!!
And sometimes there seems a bit of tactical voting,but looking forward to the French series.
You get to see some beautiful properties.

Yes, good point Wendy, watch a couple of episodes before you take the leap!

I love the programme but BEWARE don’t enter unless you’ve seen it, although some people and some B and B’s come out looking good, others look awful…there are close-ups of pubes found in showers, congealed fried eggs and plenty tears and tantrums before bedtime!

Okay, who is brave enough to go for it???