Fox Terrier lost at St. Raphael(24)

What’s brought about this recent epidemic of lost dogs? :thinking::dog2::cry:

There is no epidemic Peter, it is an ongoing fact of daily life, dogs get lost and found, and some get stolen.

It is not even restricted to the Dordogne either, it is simply that, as I once lost a dog and reported it, I am now informed of every occurrence in my departement.

In fact the ones I report are not the only ones, but I refuse to publicise the ones whose owners did not think enough of them, and the law, to get them chipped. So the real total is even higher.


Thanks for this explanation @Spardo. How do dogs get disorientated when they ostensibly have such powerful olfactory sense and presumably could retrace their steps to the familiar departure point? Unless they are driven out somewhere and abandoned?

You do a good humanitarian service :hugs:.

She is gorgeous I hope she is found soon :pray:

The honest answer is I don’t know, but maybe the majority who get lost do find their way home and we don’t get to hear about them if they are not away too long. All my dogs who have lagged behind have made it back unaided, and the one who was lost had a particular reason.

I had to go away for 3 days at short notice while my wife was in England so I left the dog with a friend (who had a very large property with 25 dogs of her own) 60 kms away from our house. When I returned to collect her my friend said she must be with all the others somewhere, but she wasn’t. I did all the recommended things, reported her to Chiens Perdus, printed posters and distributed them to shops, supermarkets, gendarmes, vets farms etc and…look away now if you are of a nervous dispositon…filled a large bottle with my urine and trailed it along all the lanes from the car. Trust me, it does make sense. :laughing:

The next evening we found her. I had foolishly allowed her to see me drive away (this has also happened since with dogs I have delivered, despite my instructions) and she had apparently managed to breech the fencing and set off in search of me, but each evening returning to a ‘nest’ she had made in the grass outside the gate from which I had departed.

So you are right to credit the olfactory ability of dogs, Ramona even found her way back to a strange address, and obviously knew what I smelled like. :roll_eyes:


Fantastic tale and highly ingenious wee solution. :+1:Also a tribute to canine intelligence and allegiance :dog::heart:, I think. Though I am not really a doggy person.

Perhaps you could you relabel Ramona “Rammonia”? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My nephew ‘lost ‘ the family dog on a walk. Several people searched but no joy In the end his sister took him home (about a mile away )while his mum went to report the dog missing to the police. Nephew and niece got home, he opened the door to the enclosed garden and in walked the dog
Turned out a neighbour out walking their own dog had seen him sat by the gate and let him in . They later received several reports of a very determined looking Cocker Spaniel walking down the extremely busy road obviously knowing exactly where he was going


Remoaner :wink::crazy_face:

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Makes a refreshing change from the depressing daily Coronavirus dirge-fest. At least Brexit will blow a breath of fresh air into the stale exudate of track and trace, the “r” factor, masks and hydro-alcohol gel splatters FFS! :persevere::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m reaching the end of my tolérance of Covid “breaking news” bullshit. Give Me Strength!

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Have a :hugs:

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Around here ther is always some lost dog the problem is that people are buying hunting breeds and dogs like that need to have proper fencing people don’t think about it when they pick the breed