"France – a remarkably successful social democracy..."

Good article…


So true. I loved Tom Forth’s original Performative Miserabilism article, back when people were complaining about vaccines and then having them anyway. I used that one with my U3A English class. That’s us they said!

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Is Macron a despicable and despised man tone deaf to the mood of the country? It certainly looked that way under some unusually astute and challenging questioning from TF1’s Gilles Bouleau on Tuesday evening. It’s nice to read an opinion piece about France by a French Journalist to counter some of the abject simpering, boot-licking, pro-Macron lobby.

I read that this morning.

We were saying a minute or two ago in our house that it is about a year since he was re-[elected.]

(Vaucluse: des portraits d'Emmanuel Macron grimé en Hitler placardés à Avignon, une enquête ouverte)

Only 3 years more to go.

He is…more hated than any politician I can think of in French history.

Ah bon, et Philippe Pétain? :thinking:

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Try the French press :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (joke)

I like Macron, I think he’s doing a good job and, on balance, IMO France is doing well. I’d never heard of the author of the piece but from her Wiki she seems interesting too. It’s all part of the wonderful mix.


70 % of French people disagree with you. Your integration is going swimmingly.

If you want to do an insurance job on you car…put a sticker saying ´ I like Macron, I think he’s doing a good job and, on balance, IMO´…and park it anywhere you choose.


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My integration started in August 1981, it’s going fine so far thanks.

I disagreed with 52% of my countrymen 2016 and I’ve been proved right. The same will hopefully happen here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps you’re more of a CGT type yourself? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I have no political persuasion…I just want everyone to be happy.

Talking of which the ultra right and the ultra left seem to be having a face off in France trying to decide who is the most ultra.

France has IMHO….gone politically mad.

And peeps worry about the UK.

I think that’s happening in a lot of places. Generally stirred by politicians.

Which is impossible unless you replace the current population with 8 billion clones. Even then I doubt it will be possible.

The best that you can have is that everyone is only a little unhappy, though about what will differ from person to person.

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Just remove the sticker before the insurance assessor takes a look at said car or you might get a fat lip to go with your bashed car.

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I have faith….not in a god sense…but I have faith.

If we don’t start to get along….humanity will be instinct very soon. Its a point of fact.

I watch a lot of Star Trek.

I presume you mean extinct?

Yeah, there’s a distinct danger that will happen in the next 100 years if we reach tipping point for acidification of the oceans around 2080 as predicted.

Ah, yes, the fictional universe where everyone learned to get along - after a world war lasting 27 years, near nuclear annihilation and the death of ⅓ of the human population (in reality for the destruction said to have occurred in the war it would have been much higher) and a nuclear winter lasting a further 26 years.

I suppose anyone left alive would  have been forced to cooperate, just to survive.

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I trust auto correct…it thinks what I think and corrects me when I think….I think.

We live in a fictional universe.

If only

We do…

You’re going to have to explain that one…

I can’t but I believe we do.

Too much star trek I have watched.