"France – a remarkably successful social democracy..."

John was paraphrasing - and I’m afraid you do  have an unremittingly negative outlook on all the points that he mentioned, and more. In fact I’m not sure I recall a post where you were in favour of anything.

Also, you have  used the s-word to describe your feelings.

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Ok lets go through them….given I can’t move from the sofa at the mo.

Electric Cars

Nothing against electric cars…I quite fancy one.

We have two main cars (and a van and a classic…but they don’t count).

The thing about electric cars is they have a carbon footprint when you build it, and when you run it.

My cars will last another 10 years or more. They have spent their carbon footprint in in terms of their construction. It is just their day to day footprint. One is critair 1. The other is 3.

If either one dies, they get replaced by electric. But hopefully not until all the infrastructure is put in place to live wirh them.

Pellet Burners

They are a minefield….but that said….and if you were paying closely enough in my posts I have provisioned for one to be installed. No I am not taken by them….but heat is heat. ……so I might buy one in the future.

Politicians and Macron

No I don’t like Macron. But neither do 70% of French people. So I am not really on my own with this one.

Politicians globally in general……they all need to up their game. Uk, France…wherever.

The decilne of humanity

Yep….we are in the shît. Can I say that word.

We desperately need alien intervention.

I think we have already got it :yum: