France Annuaire 2013/2014 - Registre de Renseignement Commearciale

A self-employed friend of mine received an invitation to include her name in a French national business directory, thinking it was free of charge. She sent the form back a couple of months ago and has now received an invoice for over 900 euros !

Has anybody had a similar, or other, experience with this company (Diginet Solutions - who, as it now transpires, is based in La Coruna, Spain) ?

it's a rip-off but it is legal. There are several around and I've been hassled by several as an indépendant and now as a commerçant. The last one was a real pain and I ended up having a rather heated argument with the boss who phoned himself after several of his sales staff had failed - i told him exactly where to stick his annuare and haven't heard a thing since. Unfortunately once the contract is signed, they've got you IMHO but perhaps someone else can advise differently.

Bonne chance ;-)