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Looks bad, me thinks most people will get this, more contagious, less fatal, but more hospital emmisions, when will it all end, gggrrrrrr

Neither do I.

OK. OK I get it, it’s just me, although I am entitled to my opinion, as are you, :thinking:

Even if your wrong, (sorry sometimes I can’t help myself)

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If anything, it shows that democracy is working, at least on the face of it. Two levels of control for new legislation. Unfortunately, the current government seems hellbent on pushing through its own agenda…

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What’s Covid? :grin:

Fairly stable

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15th January 21h39: slight drop in reanimation figures

Someone reliable working in a UK hospital has posted they have 100 patients in with Covid, he said the handful in ICU are all there due to a “lifestyle choice”.

I would like to see the figures ongoing in France according to what % of covid victims in hospital are vaccinated, and the same for ICU/Reanimation. I think the government pushing people to have vaccines would be more easily seen to be not just bullying (as current booster is apparently only 70% effective against omicron 2-4 weeks after booster, and fades to 50% in only 10 weeks) if these figures were published.

@KarenLot the figures are out there…

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Updated 16/1/2022 17h24

We had our boosters 2 days ago, and having seen similar figures on effectiveness for a while now it was a close call for me personally. A 4th jab is almost certain and it’s going to be an increasingly hard sell for a lot of people methinks.


You will likely be ok if the next variant is as relatively mild as Omicron, but if it were as infectious while producing same level of the harm caused by Delta then that choice would be highly unwise.

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